Why Choose Us?

we convert your manual processes into software solutions. We enable you to reach your customers faster. We enable customer engagement with real time. Our solutions enable you to get better return on investment.

Content Driven Website Development

Most successful websites these days are not only content driven but have business offerings for users e.g. memebership portal, e-commerce, newsletter subscriptions, social media interfaces etc. We are experts in most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) including Umbraco, Sitecore, Episerver, Orchard etc.

Your content management system is the back office of your website – whether that’s a large eCommerce store or a bespoke brochure site. Fat Media’s award-winning website developers use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors – which means you can easily make changes to your site without needing any coding or technical knowledge.

Examples of amends you can make include:

  • Updating page content
  • Changing or adding photos and images
  • Uploading documents for visitors to download
  • Choose bespoke calls to action for each page

If you have an eCommerce site, you’ll be able to make all of the above changes, plus amend, add or remove product listings, all while retaining your core content management and shop administration functions.

We have also developed content driven websites using that interface with internal / external web applications for a holistic experience to the users and provide various business offerings to users.

Bespoke Business Application Development

Whether you need a system to improve your customer service, increase your business efficiency, streamline your processes or increase your sales (either through front-end customer experience or back-end effectiveness), we can create intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive business applications to help you.

Bespoke application software examples that we have created include:

  • Inventory management
  • Operational databases
  • Customer portals
  • CRM
  • Finance automation
  • Packaging solutions
  • Care home management
  • Management dashboards
  • Lab testing solutions
  • Learning management systems
  • …and much more

Web Application Development

People’s working hours are no longer 9 – 5, Monday to Friday. They expect to be able to work and access information from a company when they need if from wherever they are; a web application offers companies a flexible, cost-effective way to meet this need. From a streamlined version of an internal system to increasing the efficiency of remote or travelling employees, to an interactive tool to help build brand loyalty with customers; a web application can deliver. Other web application examples include:

  • An internal web application to help manage projects & finances;
  • A web application that you can re-sell to a customer – Software-as-a-Service;
  • An application to revolutionise customer service by providing a portal for your customers to access.

We discover everything there is to learn about your business, what a new app needs to deliver and to whom. If you’d like us to, we’ll also suggest a few of our own ideas – we love coming up with fresh solutions that really make the technology work hard.

Responsive web applications

All the web applications we build are responsive. This means they look great and work perfectly on any screen of any size; desktop, table or smartphone. We do this by adapting menus, controls and other visuals to fit the device based on the current screen width and height, ensuring the user always gets the best possible experience regardless of what device they’re using.

Start-up Software Development

We have created bespoke software for new ventures and start-ups. We can provide clients with long-term subscription-based revenue through:

  • Creation of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to prove that a commercial and technical model will work. Once the market has been tested DCSL then move on to the next phase of complete feature development.
  • Leveraging any work already completed by taking a simple test version of the software produced and turning it into a solid, reliable product.

Working with EYE3 on a New Venture or Start-up

We incorporate the Agile approach into our developments for all clients, including new ventures and start-ups. This means all clients get complete visibility of the project’s progress and timescales.

At EYE3, we pride ourselves on delivering software with the following benefits as standard:

  • Automatic discounts. As an entrepreneurial organisation supporting new ventures, we automatically apply discounts on our daily rates for new start-ups on their projects.
  • Speed to delivery. We can quickly and efficiently conceptualise, design and build a finished application.
  • We offer to fully integrate client software with other applications or with the hardware of their choice.
  • Fully hosted service. We can host using public cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Or use other hosting environments of our client's choice.
  • Support and maintenance. Our in-house UK helpdesk will provide the option of ongoing support in line with agreed SLAs.
  • Full training and documentation. Although rarely needed due to the intuitive design of our applications, we offer complete training to the users.
  • Complete Intellectual Property (IP) ownership. Our clients will always own the IP rights to the finished product, which means they are not tied in to any licensing contracts.

Mobile App Development

With people now using smartphones more than desktops or laptops to access the internet, and with app usage on the increase, it could be a good time to invest in a mobile app.

Benefits of a mobile app

It’s important to us that you get the right app for your needs, objectives and budget. So why build an app?

  • Interactivity
    Native apps can be built to interact with all the features that the phone offers like accelerometer, the camera and GPS.
  • Fewer Limitations
    They aren’t limited by a browser and can be used offline.
  • Better User Experience
    Mobile apps load and function quicker and more smoothly than mobile browsers or desktop computers.
  • Stickiness
    When using a mobile app, visitors tend to spend 3-4 times longer online than they would using a mobile site.
  • Wide Reach
    Your app will reside on the Apple App Store and Google Play, so you’ll automatically be getting your app in front of people whose intent is to download an app.

Mobile app technology and process

At EYE3, we strive for efficiency and value for money for our clients. It’s alien to us to build the same app twice to cater for Android and iOS, so we solve that with cross-platform development.

As a Microsoft development house, we can use development toolkit called Xamarin that allows us to “write once” in .NET and C# and deploy to Android and iOS. Our solution means that we can write apps that interact with the phone or tablet hardware – for example, the camera, flash, accelerometer, bluetooth and so on – thereby developing genuine native mobile applications created specifically for the targeted platform. The benefit for you is quick, cost-effective development. Some our clients prefer to solve the “write once” problem by using a Javascript solution and EYE3 has a great deal of experience with React Native.